Bluebeany's World of the Pink Monkey Bird

Bluebeany Art Installation as part of the Humber Street Sesh 2018. Commissioned by Think Big! Starring performers Michelle Dee and The Giddy Kippers (Tom Steer and Bella Murray-Nag). Music
Spizz Energi - 'Where's Captain Kirk'.


This immersive art experience was created as part of the Humber Street Sesh 2017 in Hull. The audience were invited into Kingston Art Group Gallery to take part in a re-imagined 1970's quiz show presented by two gold suited monkeys 'Bob Monkeyhouse' and 'Bernie the Bolt'.

Animal Magic

This 9 minute short film by Mark Richardson aka CODHEAD documents an evening of artistic entertainment offered to the people of Hull. This night was devised and curated by Anna Bean as part of the POT LUCK at FRUIT event that was presented to celebrate the first week of HULL being the 2017 UK City of Culture. ANIMAL MAGIC was the last of four 'sold out' nights and was commissioned by Hull 2017.

Welcome to the Monkey House

Anna was commissioned by arts organisation Art for Hull to create an Art installation at Hull Fair, one of Europe’s largest travelling funfairs, which comes to Hull for one week a year. The installation was conceived, designed and built within three weeks. Over the 10 days of Hull Fair a team of photographers photographed members of the public with performers dressed as monkeys and a rabbit.

Mind on the Run: The Basil Kirchin Story

Illustration designs and graphic animations commissioned by Serious and Nova Studios for the live music festival and documentary film celebrating the life and work of the creative genius Basil Kirchin.