Hull's Heritage Learning and The Yorkshire Festival commissioned me to work on a creative response to the film by artist Dryden Goodwin 'Poised' which was shown at the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.  My idea was to work with gymnasts from the elite squad of the Aspire Gymnastic Club, Hull.  Together we produced 18 photographs that like the film 'Poised' focus on the concept of True Grit and sport's impact on physical and mental health.  I trained as a gymnast myself up until the age of seventeen and 'Poised' reminded me of my experience of being involved in this activity. I was interested in a female perspective for this project, as I believe there is too much pressure on young women to conform to the narrow stereotypes represented within contemporary media. I think that it is essential to enlighten young minds to the idea that what you do and how you think is more important than how you look.  Within this exhibition I  also included the gymnasts' perceptions relating to their involvement in a physical activity and their ideas of how this experience impacts on their well being. I loved the opportunity to work with the Aspire Gymnasts and I hope that the project has reinforced the positive impact that their unique sport has on their lives.  Dryden Goodwin's film Poised, is part of the Yorkshire Festival of the Grand Depart and explores the theme of sporting excellence and the physical and emotional demands of being an athlete.