‘Banquet of Hoshena’ Immersive Dining Experience

I was very lucky to be asked to work again with the fabulous Studio McGuire and Nadine Beshir on their project ‘Banquet of Hoshena’ and immersive dining experience. I co-designed the imagery and also produced logos and the look and feel of the website.

‘Moral Fibre’ Life Band Video Shoot

Another fun job! Stew Baxter from Life asked me to art direct a video for their new track ‘Moral Fibre’. The video was shot and edited by Josh Moore within my studio at the Park Avenue Education Centre, Hull

‘La Vie on Rose’ Alternative Cabaret Evening

On Friday 15th February Bluebeany and Ruth Getz presented an evening of alternative cabaret at Hull's Union Mash Up venue. With Performances by Ruth Getz, Russ Litten, Michelle Dee, Caroline Ullyart and Laura Shand.

After the performance Russ Litten's mam stated: 'This must be similar to what it's like taking acid..'